Noise Filters Designed To Reduce Signal Interference In 5GHz Band


The new series of noise filters will help improve communication sensitivity in Wi-Fi environments for smartphones and other devices

In order to strengthen the high-speed transportation band used in Wi-Fi, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduces the BLF03VK series of noise filters that is specifically designed for the 5GHz band.

When a device itself generates noise in the frequency band of 5GHz, this causes an interference with the signal reception, that results in low data process and slow transmission performances. The company’s new BLF03VK series of noise filters suppress noise interference with Wi-Fi signals in that frequency band, thereby improving data processing and faster data transmission. These products are the first noise filters that provide a guaranteed impedance value at 5GHz band.


The series includes two models with specifications of 220ohm at 5GHz/0.8A rated current and 60ohm at 5GHz/1.2A rated current, respectively.

Murata has begun mass production of the product series which comes in a compact size of 0.6 x 0.3mm.

Comparison of BLF series

Murata’s previous offering of noise filters include the BLF02RD_GN series for supporting the 2.4GHz band, and the BLF03JD_GN series and BLF02GD_GN series of noise filters supporting the 700MHz band.

Read here to know more about the BLF03VK series

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