Murata’s Soil Monitoring System Combats High Salinity Impact On Agricultural Land


Gives a highly-precise analysis of soil conditions for prolonged use in harsh environments

A transmitter communicating with a sensor unit (Ben Tre province, Vietnam). Image credit:

Murata, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronics, has successfully addressed the problems caused by high salinity impact on agricultural land.

In collaboration with Vietnam’s Can Tho University, Murata has implemented its soil monitoring system in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region. The Company is using compact sensor units to measure the condition of agricultural land and water channels with high precision. After monitoring and analysing the environmental conditions, any damage to rice paddies and orchards are prevented that are caused by excessive salt and sulphur contamination. This in turn helps create a mechanism to comprehensively manage fertilisers, crops and irrigation systems.



The soil monitoring system consists of a wireless transmitter-receiver system that has a gateway, a router and several sensor nodes. Each sensor node is made up of a transmitter and three sensor units to measure the soil, field and channel water quality, (for electrical conductivity, temperature and moisture content). The sensing data is accumulated in the cloud for further processing. The system operates on 3 size AA batteries and is dust and water resistance, thus making it robust for prolonged use in harsh environments.

Future plans

Murata has successfully deployed the system in locations across several provinces of Vietnam. Through joint researches with many research institutions, the company continues to make efforts to realise global SDGs (Sustainable Developmental Goals) by utilising unique sensing and wireless technologies.

The above initiative is part of “Studies on Sustainable Soil Uses, based on an agreement between the governments of Japan and Vietnam to provide ODA (Official Development Assistance) in support of measures to address the problem of salinity impact to agricultural land.

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