Diodes Incorporated Releases Automotive-Compliant Miniature MOSFETs


Improved efficiency provides automotive designers with greater flexibility and freedom to increase power density in automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific semiconductor solutions, has announced the introduction of the 40V-rated DMTH4008LFDFWQ and 60V-rated DMTH6016LFDFWQ suitable for use in high temperatures.

The DMTH4008LFDFWQ has a RDS(ON) of 11.5mΩ at VGS = 10V and a Total Gate Charge, Qg, of 14.2nC. When used for applications requiring 12V and 5A , the device dissipates 20 percent less power than other MOSFETs.


The DMTH6016LFDFWQ has a RDS(ON) of 13.8mΩ at VGS = 10V and a Total Gate Charge, Qg of 15.2nC.

These miniature MOSFETs can handle 175°C and occupy just 10 percent of the PCB area of larger packages, such as SOT223, enabling greater power density in DC-DC converters, LED backlighting, ADAS, and other ‘under-the-hood’ automotive applications.

Both devices are automotive-compliant to AEC-Q101 and supported by PPAP for full traceability. They are packaged in the sidewall plated DFN2020.

Visit DMTH4008LFDFWQ and DMTH6016LFDFWQ for more information.

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