High Gain GaN Transistor Supports Radar And Infrastructure


The device serves military & commercial radar, land mobile radio communications and test instrumentation

The QPD0050 by Qorvo is a wide band over-molded QFN discrete power amplifier. It is a high gain, GaN transistor with excellent efficiency. The device is a single stage unmatched power amplifier transistor.

The QPD0050 spans DC to 3.6 GHz with 75 Watts of P3dB output power and maximum drain efficiency of 78 percent. Linear gain is 22 dB and efficiency-tuned P3dB gain is 19.4 dB.


The device can be used in Doherty architecture for the final stage of a base station power amplifier for small cell, microcell, and active antenna systems. The QPD0050 can also be used as a driver in a macrocell base station power amplifier.

The wide bandwidth of the QPD0050 makes it suitable for many different applications from DC to 3.6 GHz. QPD0050 can deliver PSAT of 79.4 W at +48 V operation at 2.1 GHz.

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