Trinamic Introduces Hardware Upgrade For Its Modular Toolkit


Famed for their toolkits that ease implementation of the world’s most advanced motion control and motor control, Trinamic introduces an upgrade to their modular evaluation system with the interface board Landungsbrücke 2.0.

Introduced in 2015, the modular evaluation system of Trinamic allows engineers to quickly implement and test different system designs for their application. This modular evaluation system consists of three parts: the Landungsbrücke interface board containing an NXP MK20 cortex M4 processor, the Eselsbrücke connector board, and one of the evaluation boards containing the motor control chip or motion control chip of your choice plus all components needed to drive a motor.

Configuration of the plug-and-play evaluation system is simple with the TMCL-IDE™, Trinamic’s own integrated development environment. Loaded with a wizard, code libraries, and easy to follow steps on how to tune the evaluation board, the IDE is the Rosetta Stone for engineers looking to implement industry-leading motion and motor control technology the most efficient way possible.


“Years ago, we noticed a trend towards software engineering with an increasing focus on application layer and user interface. A trend that has only increased with the introduction of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Companies want their teams to focus on their core expertise and develop ground-breaking applications, but while they work on the looks and brains of their devices, they still need the muscle to move their automated applications. And that’s where we come in,” says Michael Randt, Trinamic’s Founder and CEO.

Together with the TMCL-IDE and the modular evaluation system, engineers don’t have to be experienced in motion control to experience the best motion control there is, and embed it easily into their application. Simply connect a computer with the USB-C port on the new Landungsbrücke interface board and open up TMCL-IDE to set the IC parameters. Once tuned in the IDE, the settings can be exported as TMCL-PC, or C++ for direct use in your own firmware.

New Range Of Closed-Loop, Smart BLDC Motors With Great Features

To make the system fit for a whole new range of motors, the second generation of the Landungsbrücke interface board is being upgraded to a maximum supply voltage of 70V. By doing so, Trinamic opens the door to popular motion control technologies such as StealthChop™, StallGuard™, and CoolStep™, as well as advanced ramping profiles and FOC to a whole new range of cyber-physical systems.

Visit Trinamic’s modular evaluation system, TMCL-IDE™ and Landungsbrücke interface board for more product information



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