Vayyar Imaging’s Best & Accurate RF Sensor For Automotive Solutions


Meet the world’s most advanced 4D imaging sensor that can track everything around you real-time without a camera 

Vayyar Imaging, an Israel-based semiconductor company that specialises in developing 3D imaging sensors has announced the world’s first sensor solution that is capable of fulfilling different frequency standards.

Developed to increase passenger safety and monitoring, the solution provides car manufacturers with sensors that meet country-specific frequency requirements, such as 79GHz band in Japan, or 60GHz band in Europe and the United States. Addressing these regulatory bands provides a certain flexibility for the car manufacturers to choose between these frequencies.

How it works


Vayyar’s powerful and unique chip creates high-resolution images in real-time based on advanced RF technology. It covers imaging and radar bands from 3GHz-81GHz with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers. After transmitting, analysing and receiving a multitude of signals, Vayyar’s technology then creates high-resolution 4D images (based on the detected object) with high accuracy.

Enhanced by an integrated, high-performance DSP with large internal memory, Vayyar’s sensor executes complex imaging algorithms without any need for an external CPU

Automotive safety application

This sensor can accurately detect whether an infant has been (accidentally) left in a vehicle or not. Its detection range is powerful enough to penetrate even a thick piece of cloth (such as a blanket). In case of any danger, an alert notification is sent on the user’s phone.

Automotive safety solutions also include seat belt reminders (SBR), optimised airbag deployment, gesture control, driver drowsiness alert and Child Occupancy and Detection (COPD) alarm. Vayyar’s RF sensor on a chip (ROC) has 48 transceivers at 60 GHz and 79 GHz wide-bands, allowing over thousands of virtual channels. This dual-band solution offers multi-function capabilities to reduce the overall cost and number of sensors needed for a vehicle.

New 3D Image Sensor Offers Improved Accuracy

The sensor’s flawless cloud capabilities display dimension, shape, location and movement of people and objects. This facilitates in complete identification of a car’s environment – regardless of environmental conditions like darkness.

Other applications include smart home, retail, medical and robotics.

By 2022, child presence detection will be necessary as per the HOT CARS Act legislation in the USA and the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program).



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