Closed-Loop Sensor For High-Current Coreless Applications


These sensors are suited for high-power DC and AC measurements and are able to measure currents upto 1200 A and above

TDK Corporation expands its Micronas magnetic sensor portfolio with the newly developed CUR 423x sensors for current measurements in automotive and industrial applications, thus ushering an innovative method for coreless current-sensing applications.

The galvanically isolated power and sensing circuits of CUR 423x are of benefit in high-voltage battery monitoring systems of hybrid and electric vehicles (xEV or Vehicles including an electric traction motor). A very good signal-to-noise ratio allows precise current measurements in applications with a signal bandwidth of up to 5 kHz.


All the important components for a closed-loop circuit, such as compensation coil, Rshunt, and Tunnel Magneto Resistance (TMR) sensor bridge, are integrated into a small 1 mm thin industry standard TSSOP16 SMD package. This saves space and costs. Digital offset and gain temperature compensation, low-pass filter, and clamping can easily be programmed by using TDK-Micronas’ programming toolchain.

Key Features

  • High-precision closed-loop and coreless TMR sensor technology (reduced system size and weight)
  • Contactless current sensing (non-intrusive)
  • Various programmable magnetic field ranges
  • Supply voltage protection up to 18 V
  • Automotive temperature range: –40 °C to +170 °C (TJmax)
  • Various output interfaces (SENT acc. to SAEJ2716 Rev.4, full ratiometric Analog or SPI)
  • Overall accuracy: <1% of full scale range


Two variants are available that offer magnetic-flux density having ranges of either ±7 mT or ±40 mT. Samples will be available from the fourth quarter of 2019.

Read here for a more detailed product information

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