Award Winning Planar/Vertical MicroPower Hall-Effect Switches


Provides reliable, solid-state upgrades for reed and microswitches, even in the most power-sensitive applications

The APS11700/760 family of micropower Hall-effect switches adds automatic power management to Allegro’s APS11000/060 family of Hall-effect switches. They are rugged enough for operation from batteries or unregulated supplies in harsh automotive and industrial environments. The power management happens in the background and is transparent to the host system, making them a drop-in upgrade for existing Hall-effect switches or a solid-state replacement for mechanical microswitches or reed switches.

These ICs are qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 0. In addition, they are internally protected against over-voltage, reverse-battery, load-dump, output short-circuits, human-body-model ESD up to ±11kV, and other common automotive EMC conditions.

Key Features

  • Average supply current of 6µA
  • Vertical Hall-effect sensing that is sensitive to magnetic flux parallel to the face of the IC package
  • Can tolerate up to 40V
  • Junction temperature up to 165°C

APS11700/760 devices come preconfigured with a choice of magnetic sensitivity, thresholds, and polarity. There is also a choice of active-high or active-low output for ease of integration into electronic subsystems.

Recently, Allegro won the Editor’s Choice Awards of China Electronic Market (CEM) Magazine for the year 2018. This award recognised Allegro’s APS11700 and APS11760 planar/vertical micropower Hall-effect switches as “the most competitive sensor in China,” and confirmed Allegro as a leading player in China’s fast-growing sensor market—especially for the automotive and industrial sectors.


Two package styles provide a choice of through-hole or surface mounting. Package type LH is a modified 3-pin SOT23W surface-mount package, while package type UA is a 3-pin ultra mini SIP for through-hole mounting. Both packages are lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte-tin-plated leadframes.

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Check APS11700/760 and APS11000/060 for more information on these products.



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