Tri-Colour e-Paper Displays For Screen Operation In Tough Conditions


Highly robust display technology for product designers to communicate information in challenging situations and provide richer customer experiences

Pervasive Displays (PDi), a world leader in e-paper displays (EPDs), is pleased to announce its new range of rugged tri-color displays, aimed at the fast-growing market for portable equipment designed for use in demanding conditions.

An increasing desire to deploy technology in situations where impacts are common, means individual components must be exceptionally robust. Pervasive Displays’ line of rugged black, white and red displays – the 3.7-inch, 4.2-inch, 4.37-inch and 7.4-inch models include a resin board attached to the glass substrate to protect the screen from breaking when bumped, dropped or knocked.


The displays’ ruggedness adds to the already-attractive characteristics of EPDs for use in challenging and/or remote conditions. The way EPDs display text and images, using physical ink particles that reflect ambient light, means they remain readable even in bright sunlight or other harsh lighting conditions.

Key Features

  • 50% stronger to resist impacts
  • 180° viewing angle further enhance the ease of readability
  • Low energy demands therefore don’t require mains power, and run for months or even years using a small coin cell battery
  • High pixel density (ranging from 117 to 130 dpi)
  • State-of-the-art driving waveform
  • Built-in timing controller (iTC) minimises the need for peripheral circuitry, resulting in smaller overall devices or extra space for batteries and other components

Discover more about the complete range of rugged displays:-

3.7-inch (E2370FS081), 4.2-inch (E2417FS051), 4.37-inch (E2437FS083), 7.4-inch (E2741FS081)

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