5G Cellular Module & Chipset For Low Power Wide Area IoT Applications


Wireless technology integration with end‑to‑end device and data security; ideal for mission‑critical or long life cycle IoT applications

u‑blox, a global provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets, has announced the SARA‑R5 series of LTE‑M and NB‑IoT modules for low power wide area (LPWA) IoT applications, its most advanced, secure and highly integrated cellular product.

The module, built on the u‑blox UBX‑R5 cellular chipset and the u‑blox M8 GNSS receiver chip, offers unmatched end‑to‑end security and long product availability, making it ideal for IoT applications with long‑term device deployments and setting a new benchmark for IoT connectivity.


The secure element is compliant with EAL5+ High common criteria certification, which makes SARA‑R5 ideally suited to protect sensitive assets and communications.

With mobile network operators announcing their plans to roll out 5G networks, 5G readiness is becoming a key factor in selecting cellular communication modules. LTE‑M and NB‑IoT are forward‑compatible with 5G networks.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and low power pre‑shared key (PSK) management system
  • Integrated hardware‑based Root of Trust within the UBX‑R5 chipset
  • Smooth transition towards 5G via software upgrades to already deployed devices
  • u‑blox modules first integrated with eSIM capability

The SARA‑R5 series builds on the new u‑blox UBX‑R5 LTE chipset and the u‑blox M8 GNSS chip, which means that production and product lifetime are not dependent on third party chipmakers. For customers, this translates into long‑term availability, roadmap stability, and technical support down to the silicon level. Core technology ownership enables new features, relevant for positioning, timing, connectivity, and security.

Microcontrollers Designed For Wi-Fi IoT Applications

SARA‑R5 comes in two product variants. Featuring a built‑in u‑blox M8 GNSS receiver, SARA‑R511M targets mobile applications in the automotive, fleet management, tracking, and telematics sectors. The GNSS receiver’s chip‑down design includes a dedicated GNSS antenna interface and can run in parallel with the cellular connection. This assures maximum design flexibility, while preserving overall system power consumption.

The second product variant, SARA‑R510M, is optimized to deliver the lowest achievable power consumption, drawing less than 1 microampere of current in power save mode, making it ideal for metering, smart city, connected health, security and surveillance, remote monitoring and other battery‑powered applications.


Samples for the SARA‑R5 series will be available in Q4 2019.

For more information on the SARA‑R5 series, check here



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