Breakthrough Solution For mmWave 5G Wireless Network Infrastructure


This new solution leverages best-in-class technology to reduce the overall component count, and accelerate the path to 5G deployment

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), the industry leader in RF and Microwave technology and system design for 5G infrastructure, has introduced a new solution for millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G with the highest available level of integration to reduce design requirements and complexity in the next generation of cellular network infrastructure. The solution combines ADI’s advanced beamformer IC, up/down frequency conversion (UDC), and additional mixed signal circuitry. This optimized “Beams to Bits” signal chain represents a unique set of capabilities only available from ADI.

The new mmWave 5G chipset includes the 16-channel ADMV4821 dual/single polarization beamformer IC, 16-channel ADMV4801 single-polarization beamformer IC and the ADMV1017 mmWave UDC. The 24- to 30-GHz beamforming + UDC solution forms a 3GPP 5G NR compliant mmWave front-end to address the n261, n257 and n258 bands. ADI’s heritage in mmWave allows customers to take advantage of world class applications and system design to optimize complete lineups for thermal, RF, power and routing considerations.

Key Features

  • High channel density, coupled with ability to support both single and dual-polarization deployments greatly increasermations system flexibility.
  • Isotropically radiated power (EIRP) extends radio range and density.

Check ADMV4821, ADMV4801 and ADMV1017 for more information

Software-Configurable Analog Front End With Integrated ADC By Analog Devices


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