Ultra-Small Barometric Pressure Sensor With Protection Against Dust


Sensor measurements and calibration coefficients are available through the serial I²C or SPI interface

Infineon Technologies launches the XENSIVTM DPS368. The miniaturized digital barometric pressure sensor is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature and is also ideal for mobile applications and wearable devices offerings e.g. activity tracking and navigation.

Additionally the sensor can be used in home appliances for airflow control, in drones for flight stability and in medical devices such as smart inhalers.


Due to robust packaging, it protects the sensing cells against dust and humidity. As a result, the board handling in an assembly line is also facilitated. The 8-pin LGA package with its small dimensions of 2.0 x 2.5 x 1.1 mm³ saves up to 80 percent space compared to other waterproof sensors.

The pressure sensor element is based on a capacitive sensing principle that guarantees high precision even during temperature changes. The internal signal processor converts the output from the pressure and temperature sensor elements to 24-bit results. Calibration coefficients stored in the sensor are used in the application to convert the measurement results to high accuracy pressure and temperature values. The integrated FIFO memory can save up to 32 measurement results, allowing for power-savings on system level.

Key Features

  • Ultra-high precision of ±2 cm.
  • Low power consumption of 1.7 μA for precise pressure measurement of altitude, air flow and body movements at 1 Hz sampling rate. In standby mode, this is reduced to 0.5 μA.
  • Can withstand 50 m under water for one hour (IPx8).
  • Provides quick feedback due to a measurement rate of up to 200 Hz and fast read-out speed.
  • Operates at pressure ranges from 300 to 1200 hPa.
  • Operates at temperature ranges from -40 to +85 °C with a temperature accuracy of ±0.5 °C.
Digital Power Converters Power High-performance FPGA Board


The XENSIV DPS368 pressure and temperature sensor can be ordered now.

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