Virtual/Augmented Reality Headsets and Glasses Reference Design

ar/vr headset

Here is a wearable display reference design that helps you create lightweight, reliable VR/AR Headsets and glasses.

Wearable displays are devices that are worn as a helmet, headset, or glasses by the user and create an image in the user’s field of view. The display can either be see-through AR (augmented reality) or opaque (immersive or virtual reality). Products in this category include head-mounted displays (HMDs) and near-eye displays. For more details, click here.

TI offers a reference design that uses the DLP Pico chip reflective microdisplay technology used in the optical module in a wearable display. DLP Pico technology enables bright, high contrast, low power HMDs with fast refresh rates, providing ideal qualities for small form factor, lightweight wearable display products.

Portable, Low Power HD Projection Display


This display reference design featuring TI’s DLP3010 (.3 720p) DMD chipset, was designed to enable low power and mobile HD display applications used in accessory projectors, wearable displays, signage, industrial and medical displays. The chipset used in the design comprises of DLP3010 (.3 720p) DMD, DPC3438 display controller and DLPA2005 PMIC/LED driver.


  • The design features a DLP3010 chipset comprising of DLP3010 DMD, DLPC3438 controller and fully integrated DLPA2005 PMIC/LED driver
  • The design is implemented on an EVM which includes a production-ready optical engine with programmable LED driver ( 0 – 2.4 amp) for RGB LEDs
  • Includes standard HDMI input interface to connect any display source (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Get started quickly with simple yet powerful USB-based GUI for runtime chipset feature evaluation
  • The reference design includes firmware, GUI and getting started guide.
Battery Monitoring IC Reduce Portable Device Footprint upto 20 Per Cent

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