Expanded Microcontroller Options For Servo Control In Industrial Robots


Highest CoreMark® Benchmark Level for 5V MCUs Achieved, Dedicated Hardware Accelerators Offered and Advanced Control for Servo Motor Class

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, introduced the RX72T Group of 32-bit motor control microcontrollers (MCUs) with dedicated hardware accelerator IP to perform the complex, high-speed computations required for motor control in robots and other industrial equipment.

The RX72T Group delivers superior performance, achieving an 1160 CoreMark score as measured by EEMBC® Benchmarks – the highest level for a 5V MCU operating at 200 MHz.

Key Features of the RX72T Group of MCUs

  • Dedicated accelerator hardware that enables the high-speed position control and speed control calculations
  • Current control loop calculation performed in less than 1.5 µs,
  • Calculation speed increased thus reducing excessive computing time.
  • 200 MHz PWM inverter control timers included with up to 4 channels of 3-phase control, 2 channels of 5-phase control or 10 channels of single-phase control.
  • Hardware-based system failsafe functions and a hardware cryptography module to encrypt/decrypt communications data.

Renesas provides programs that implement sensorless vector control and encoder vector control. Renesas provides the Renesas Motor Workbench 2.0 for real-time debugging and an RX72T CPU card that supports the 24 V motor control evaluation kit.

With the new RX72T MCUs, Renesas offers system manufacturers an extensive lineup of 5V operation motor control MCUs with superlative software compatibility. This provides a smooth migration path from the new high-end MCUs out to the RX23T (40 MHz), RX24T (80 MHz), and RX66T (160 MHz) MCUs, offering design flexibility within the RX MCU environment. The RX72T Group is also fully compatible with the RX66T Group incorporating the RXv3 core.

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Pricing and Availability

The MCUs will be available in mass production quantities beginning in Q4 2019. The 512 KB flash, 100-pin R5F572TFBDFP device will be priced at US$4.06 in 10,000-unit quantities. Additional pricing will vary based on memory and pin-count configuration. (Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice).

Visit here for more details: Renesas Motor Workbench 2.0 , 24 V motor control evaluation , RX23T, RX24T, RX66T, RX72T



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