SiC-Based Hybrid IGBT & Isolated High Current IGBT Gate Driver


Hybrid IGBT device for rugged power applications and range of IGBT drivers that offer best-in-class current performance and protection features

ON Semiconductor will be launching and exhibiting a new silicon-carbide (SiC) based hybrid IGBT and associated isolated high current IGBT gate driver at the PCIM Europe 2019 Exhibition and Conference in Nuremberg beginning May 7th.


The AFGHL50T65SQDC uses the latest field stop IGBT and SiC Schottky diode technology to offer low conduction and switching losses in multiple power applications, including those that will benefit from reduced reverse recovery losses, such as totem pole based bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) and inverters.

The device co-packages a silicon-based IGBT with a SiC Shottky barrier diode, resulting in an excellent tradeoff between the lower performance of silicon-based solutions and the higher cost of entirely SiC-based solutions.

Modern electric vehicle applications not only use energy to travel but, in some cases store energy which may be used to power the home at peak times. This requires a bi-directional charger that must have high efficiency switching to ensure that energy is not wasted during the transfer. In this use case, the IGBT with external SiC diode is significantly more efficient than a MOSFET solution as there are no associated forward or reverse recovery losses.

Key Features

  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Maximum Junction Temperature : TJ = 175°C
  • For systems requiring greater current capability, a positive temperature co-efficient allows for easy and convenient parallel operation
  • Rated for 650 V operation
  • Can handle continuous currents up to 100 A @ 25°C (50 A @ 100°C) as well as pulsed currents up to 200 A
World’s Smallest Point-Of-Load DC-DC Power Management Converter

Check AFGHL50T65SQDC for additional details

The NCD(V)57000 series is aimed at multiple power applications including solar inverters, motor drives, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and automotive applications such as powertrain and PTC heaters.

The series has an internal galvanic safety isolation designed to provide highly efficient operation in power applications that stipulate high reliability. The devices feature complementary inputs, open drain fault and ready outputs, an active Miller clamp, accurate undervoltage lockout (UVLO), DESAT protection with soft turn off, negative gate voltage pin and separate high and low driver outputs for system design flexibility.

Key Features

  • High-current single channel IGBT driver
  • Galvanic isolation rated at greater than 5 kVrms
  • Working voltage is greater than 1200 V
  • Can source 7.8 A drive current and sink 7.1 A

Check NCD57000 for additional details



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