Thermal Jumper Chips For Enhanced Temperature Rise Management


Tackles thermal instability in high power density designs and provides greater reliability

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has announced the introduction of the TJC series thermal jumper chips, enabling circuit designers to manage temperature rise in compact power electronic assemblies.

These parts provide a thermally conductive pathway with electrical isolation for management of PCB hotspot areas. Aluminium nitride, which has nearly five times the thermal conductivity of alumina, is employed in the thermal jumper chip to keep compact electronic assemblies cooler which enhances product reliability.

Key Features

  • High thermal conductivity than the equivalent footprint of 70µ copper.
  • Electrically isolated.
  • Low capacitance.
  • Pb-free or SnPb finish

The TJC series gives better thermal connection than an uninterrupted trace. The component’s compact mass and design (available in a case size as small as 0603) minimises PCB area and total assembly size and weight. These features are particularly suitable for power supplies, power amplifiers, RF amplifiers, and high power laser diode applications that may be found in the aerospace, medical, and industrial markets.

For datasheet and additonal details about the TJC series, visit here

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