IR Family Designed For Cost Conscious High Power Applications


Providing up to 1,300 mW in an industry standard package, the new LUXEON IR 2720 is optimized for a variety of cost conscious infrared applications requiring high power outputs

Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON IR 2720 Line, high power emitters that set the standard for abundant radiant power delivered in an industry standard package for seamless integration in existing designs.

The 2.75 x 2.0 mm LEDs are undomed and especially useful for applications with package height limitations that prevent the use of domed solutions.


The LUXEON IR 2720 Line of 940 nm emitters address such applications a wide array of cost conscious infrared applications such as biometric identification, military and law enforcement, and traffic and railroad signaling applications. The 850 nm emitters are workhorses for machine vision cameras and CCTV cameras.

Key Features

  • High radiant power of up to 1,300 mW at 940 nm or 1,250 mW at 850 nm wavelength
  • 120° beam angle

For additional details, visit LUXEON IR 2720 Line


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