SiC JFET Family For Low Power AC-DC Flyback Converters


SiC cascodes are extremely robust, due the inherent capability of SiC JFETs when it comes to handling repeated avalanche and short circuits.



UnitedSiC, a manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, has released a range of SiC JFET die suitable for co-packaging with a controller IC with built in low voltage MOSFET to fabricate an extremely fast, cascode-based

The UJ3N series are high-performance SiC normally-on JFET transistors with options ranging from 650V to 1700V. This series exhibits ultra-low on resistance (RDS(ON)), as low as 25mΩ, and low gate charge (QG) allowing for low conduction and reduced switching loss. The device normally-on characteristics with low RDS(ON) at VGS = 0 V is also ideal for current protection circuits without the need for active control. The devices are also commonly used in series connection with a Si-MOSFET as robust supercascodes’, which give all the advantages of wide band-gap technology with very high operating voltages and easy gate drive.

 Features :-

  • 650/900/1200/1700 V device options
  • Low on-resistance: RDS(on) maximum of 25mΩ
  • Current limiting: rapid current decrease due to self-heating, limiting I2t
  • Normally-on JFETs: VG(th) invariant with temperature
  • Peak TJ > 600°C
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