World Smallest Multispectral Sensor With UV And Light Flicker Extraction


STMicroelectronics’ New Full-Color Ambient Light Sensor with Flicker Detect Boosts Camera Performance in Smartphone and IoT Devices

The VD6281 (1.83 x 1.0 x 0.55 mm) is the smallest 6-channel, ambient light sensor (ALS) on the market. Light measurement is fast and accurate thanks to an individual ADC and readout circuitry for each color channel.

The VD6281 uses high-end interferometric filters with precise responses to assist camera white-balance in less than 8 ms. The device also employs a UV channel for natural or artificial light detection


With a patented architecture and a high-performance photodiode design, the VD6281 can extract light flickering frequencies to enhance camera experience and remove banding effects. The VD6281 is the only sensor able to extract different light flicker waveforms including combined lights or contemporary LED sources with square signals.

Key Features:-

  • Miniature optical module
    • 1.83 x 1.0 x 0.55 mm
    • Optical BGA, 6-balls, reflowable package
    • Operates with phone coverglass on top
  • ALS operation with 6 color channels
    • Advanced interferometric filters (UVA, red, green, blue, near IR, and clear) with 6 individual readouts
    • 24-bit ADC
    • Excellent sensitivity down to 0.01 Lux
    • UV-A channel for indoor/outdoor and artificial/natural light discrimination
  • Light flicker extraction
    • Innovative readout architecture to extract light characteristic (AC flicker) on top of the ALS value (under patent)
    • From 100 Hz to 2 kHz frequency detection
  • Software driver provided by ST
  • I2C interface up to 1 Mbit/s (Fast mode plus) with GPIO1 interrupt ball
  • Perfectly suited for mobile applications
    • 1.8 V power supply
    • 450 µA consumption active (5 channels)
    • Operating temperature -30 to 85 °C
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