LED Connector now Available in Three Different Designs

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LEMO´s HALO LED connectors now also include the T series, a watertight IP68 connector.

Connector manufacturer LEMO announced that it has enhanced its range of Halo connectors with additional product sizes and models.

Initially launched in the B series, this product is now also available in the T series, a watertight IP68 connector. This new product range, configurable through the embedded electronics, features a wide range of colors with an RGB indicator arranged in a ring around the connector.


The three different designs are called LEG, LMG (with a standby light) and LNG (with a narrow ring shape light).

What information can be displayed by the Halo LEDs?

The company stated that customers can decide what information to be display before adding the connector to his equipment. The indicator can be configured as required: status (on/off or blinking), light intensity and of course colors.

The multiplexed indicator consisting of red, green and blue LEDs; the user simply combines the pulse width modulations (PWM) of each color to generate the color of choice out of among 16 million shades of color. The indicator´s behavior can also be modified at a later stage, via software, providing maximum flexibility.

HALO LED Connector Features

– IP50 (IP68 for T series)
– Available in various colours: red, blue, white, green, yellow
– Robust construction
– PEEK insulator with high insulating properties
– Operating temp. range: -40°C to +100°C
– Power supply: 3.3V


– Displays connection status
– Push-Pull connector
– Innovative functionalities

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