Global LPWA Module in a Tiny Package

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Gemalto advances global IoT connectivity with a new LPWA module based on the latest Qualcomm LTE IoT modem solution 

To meet booming global demand for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT connectivity, Gemalto has announced a platform of innovative Cinterion IoT Modules based on the latest Qualcomm 9205 LTE IoT modem from Qualcomm Technologies.

According to the firm, the new solution is designed to support global LTE‑M and NB‑IoT connectivity with optional 2G fallback from a single, ultra-small IoT module. Ready for the latest 3GPP specifications (Rel 14), the platform will be loaded with Gemalto security and value-added features specifically designed for compact, power-efficient IoT applications including smart meters, asset trackers, healthcare, wearable and smart city solutions.

Key benefits offered by the global LPWA solution


According to the firm, the new Cinterion platform is engineered to provide reduced power consumption, uniquely efficient firmware update technology (FOTA), eSIM and remote provisioning, steadfast security and automated device-to-cloud onboarding:-

A miniaturized solution for global LPWA connectivity: The miniaturized solutions are designed to deliver global connectivity and extended coverage range with support of power class 5. This can enable up to 70% reduced power consumption helping to preserve the battery for applications in remote locations. It can also reduce cost and complexity for device makers and ensures worldwide reliability.

Unique incremental FOTA for efficiency, longevity: The platform will leverage Gemalto’s innovative incremental FOTA technology with Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) to tackle the critical challenge of balancing bandwidth and power efficiency with software and security updates necessary over the long life of IoT devices.

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eSIM and remote provisioning secures and simplifies connectivity: The new platform will include an integrated onboard eSIM along with secure remote provisioning capabilities. Together, the solutions can authenticate IoT devices, encrypt data and securely manage connections to cellular networks globally. Embedded into the IoT module, tamper-resistant embedded SIMs will also reduce the size and cost of solutions while simplifying the supply chain, according to Gemalto.

Steadfast security streamlines the device-to-cloud path: Embedding digital identity certificates inside Cinterion IoT Modules during manufacturing strengthens IoT device security and ensures data privacy.

“Our collaboration with Gemalto on their new Cinterion LPWAN IoT Module Platform can allow OEMs to easily integrate and launch products using our cutting-edge Qualcomm 9205 LTE IoT modem, and in doing so, they will help enable massive IoT connectivity that can transform industries and make life better”, said Vieri Vanghi, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.


Available in the second half of 2019, the first Cinterion products based on Qualcomm Technologies’ next-gen IoT LTE chipset will include the multimode Cinterion EXS62 IoT Module and Cinterion EXS82 IoT Module with 2G fallback.

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