Miniature Power Inductors To Save Space And Energy


AEC-Q200 certified and RoHS compliant inductors are ready for cutting-edge automotive applications

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has introduced the HA74 series of surface-mount power inductors, which combine a low profile, small footprint, and 3MHz switching capability for efficient, space-saving DC/DC converters.

The HA74 series is ideal for automotive use cases including the latest generation of high-density converters and pi filters for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) controllers. The shielded inductors ensure low EMI and are highly resistant to corrosion.


The maximum height of just 2.05mm allows designers to create ultra-slimline modules for applications where height is a critical parameter. Leveraging the compact 5.5mm x 5.5mm footprint, the HA74 series enables high power density and energy efficiency.

With 3MHz switching capability, allowing use in high-frequency converter designs, these compact inductors are the ideal companion to the small high-frequency filter capacitors and help minimise module size and weight. TT’s advanced low-loss metal-alloy core composition ensures high efficiency and low heating at elevated frequencies.

Key Features

  • Operating Temperature Range: –50°C to +155°C
  • Temperature Rise: Maximum 40°C
  • Current ratings: up to 2.9A
  • DC resistance: 74mΩ


The complete HA74 family comprises 10 parts covering standard inductance values from 4.7µH to 33µH and current ratings from 1.2A to 2.9A. Semi-custom inductors conforming to individual customer specifications are also available, to special order.

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