1TB Memory Chip can be an end of microSD Cards

1TB memory

Samsung’s new 1TB Embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) chips can offer mobile users enough built-in storage without turning to microSD cards.

Samsung has begun mass producing embedded universal flash storage (eUFS v2.1) chips with a capacity of 1TB. This will bring a huge increase in the storage capacities of mobile devices comparable to a premium notebook PC, without the need for additional removable memory cards. Samsung asserts that the chip doubles speed and capacity over the company’s previous 512GB eUFS solution.

1TB eUFS Memory chip for Upcoming Smartphones

Within the same package size (11.5mm x 13.0mm), the 1TB eUFS solution doubles the capacity of the previous 512GB version. This is possible by combining 16 stacked layers of the company’s 512-gigabit (Gb) V-NAND flash memory and a newly developed proprietary controller.


Smartphone users will now be able to store 260 10-minute videos in 4K UHD (3840×2160) format, whereas the 64GB eUFS widely used in many current high-end smartphones is capable of storing 13 videos of the same size, claimed the company.

“The 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical role in bringing a more notebook-like user experience to the next generation of mobile devices,” said Cheol Choi, executive vice president of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

The 1TB eUFS is also claimed to possess exceptional speed, allowing users to transfer large amounts of multimedia content in significantly reduced time.

At up to 1,000 megabytes per second (MB/s), the new eUFS features approximately twice the sequential read speed of a typical 2.5-inch SATA solid state drive (SSD). This means that 5GB-sized full HD videos can be offloaded to an NVMe SSD in as fast as five seconds, which is 10 times the speed of a typical microSD card.

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Furthermore, the random read speed has increased by up to 38 percent over the 512GB version, clocking in at up to 58,000 IOPS. Random writes are 500 times faster than a high-performance microSD card (100 IOPS), coming in at up to 50,000 IOPS. The random speeds allow for high-speed continuous shooting at 960 frames per second.


Samsung plans to expand the production of its fifth-generation 512Gb V-NAND at its Pyeongtaek plant in Korea throughout the first half of 2019 to fully address the anticipated strong demand for the 1TB eUFS from mobile device manufacturers around the world.

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