Step-down Converter Saves Energy & Space in IoT Devices

step=down converter

STMicroelectronics’ ST1PS01 is a miniaturized step-down converter that is specifically designed for IoT applications where high efficiency and PCB size are the key factors

STMicroelectronics’ has unveiled the ST1PS01 step-down converters designed for small size, low quiescent current, and high efficiency at all values of load current, to save energy and real-estate in keep-alive point-of-load supplies and IoT devices such as asset trackers, wearables, smart sensors, and smart meters.

Nano-Quiescent, High-Efficiency, Miniaturised Step-Down Converter

ST claimed that leveraging synchronous rectification, the device achieves an efficiency of 92% at 400mA full load and 95% when delivering just 1mA.


The device includes power-saving design features to keep the quiescent current to a mere 500nA and a low-power voltage reference. There is also a pulse-frequency counter for controlling converter current at light load, with two high-speed comparators to help minimize output ripple.

Integrated feedback-loop compensation, soft-start circuitry, and power switches ensure a space-saving solution that requires just a few small-outline passives to complete the circuit. The typical inductor value is 2.2µH.

In addition, output-voltage selection logic not only saves external voltage-setting components but also gives the flexibility to configure modules digitally at manufacture or let the host system change the output voltage on the fly.

Eight variants, each with four optional output-voltage settings, allow a choice of regulated outputs from 3.3V to 0.625V. All models feature a Power-good indicator.

A wide input-voltage range, from 1.8V to 5.5V, further enhances flexibility for designers by allowing various battery chemistries or configurations as simple as a single lithium cell and extending runtime as the battery discharges.

ST1PS01 regulators are also ideal for devices powered from energy-harvesting systems and feature a low noise-architecture that allows use in noise-sensitive applications.

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ST1PS01 regulators are now in full production, packaged as 400µm-pitch flip-chip devices measuring just 1.11mm x 1.41mm, and priced from $0.686 for orders of 1000 pieces. An evaluation board, STEVAL-1PS01EJR, is available for developers.

Also, check out the ST Voltage Regulator Finder mobile app which is available at popular app stores.

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