0.1-60W High-Precision AC/DC Power Supply Control ICs


MORNSUN’s both SCM1702A and SCM1703A are suitable for AC/DC switching power supply of 5W and below. With its internal 650V/700VAC startup switch, the SCM1702A/ SCM1703A can be started in a wide range of input voltage, and being supplied by the transformer auxiliary winding, the chip’s power consumption remains relatively low.




MORNSUN launched new control ICs of AC/DC power supply, whose power range is from 0.1W to 40W, the series provides high performance, output precision, advanced dynamic response and low output temperature coefficient due to numerous built-in auxiliary and compensation functions. A flexible design with different IC product-mix can meet different requirements for AC/DC power supply and effectively simplify peripheral design and reduce cost.

Key Features (for SCM1702A)

  • Primary-side regulation eliminates optocoupler
  • Built-in loop compensation, 650V start-up switch and 650Vpower MOSFET
  • Programmable cable compensation (CBC)
  • Output rectifier forward drop temperature variations compensation
  • Wide VDD range allows small bias capacitor
  • Large capacitive loading with self-power at start-up state
  • Over-voltage, over-temperature and over-current protection
  • FB pin and CS pin fault protection

Key Features (for SCM1703A)

  • 700V Startup Switch
  • Built-in Loop Compensation Circuit and Line Compensation
  • Wide VDD Range tolerates Small Bias Capacitor
  • Advanced Capacitive loading with Self-Powered during Startup
  • Output Over Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection
  • Fault-protection FA PIN and CS PIN
  • Over Temperature Protection
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