PCB Design Software Enables Easy, Powerful Design for Complex Projects

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Altium Designer 19 is equipped with modern PCB design tools to improve design experience for even the most complex projects

Altium has launched Altium Designer 19, the latest version of the company’s flagship PCB design software. The company boasts that Altium Designer 19 introduces new features that make designing complex projects easier, faster, and more accurate from concept to production.

To improve PCB design experience, Altium Designer 18 introduced a modern graphical user interface, multiboard functionality and a redesigned bill of materials (BOM) management system all built on 64-bit architecture.


According to the company, Altium Designer 19 expands on Altium Designer 18 with new and powerful features that simplifies the creation of even the most complex designs and brings unparalleled unification to the schematic, layout, and post-design processes.

What’s new in Altium Designer 19

Altium Designer 19 leverages new and powerful EDA technologies with a singular focus on elevating the user experience.

New capabilities that accurately model high-density interconnect structures, help designers when manufacturing cutting edge high-density boards.

An enhanced PCB materials library allows designers to create accurate impedance profiles for routing and manufacturing.

The software has an optimized component panel and part search that allow parts to be found and placed in the design even if they are not already in the library, with the automated acquisition of supply chain as well as CAD data.

“Altium Designer 19 is yet another example of Altium’s investment into cutting-edge products that make design easy throughout the entire electrical engineering product development cycle,” says John Watson, Senior PCB Engineer at Legrand North America. “Altium has always been committed to the PCB designer, and this release is the latest example of how they’ve continued to consistently equip me with the tools I need as a designer to complete my projects.”

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“Altium Designer 19 builds on the consistent performance and reliability improvements of previous versions with modern PCB design tools that are powerful, easy, and modern,” said Sergey Kostinsky, Chief Technology Officer at Altium. “Altium Designer 19 users will also be able to access a convenient and connected design experience that keeps everyone in sync through seamless connectivity with Altium 365.”

To learn more about Altium Designer 19, click here.



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