Ultra-small ‘Radar on Module’ for Industrial Automation

radar on module

A new ultra-compact, low-cost 60GHz radar module from Mistral is designed for low power, self-calibrating, ultra-accurate radar systems in an industrial environment.

Mistral Solutions has announced its USB-powered, production-ready 60GHz Radar on Module [RoM] for Industrial Automation applications. The 60GHz RoM is a highly-integrated ultra-compact solution based on TI’s newly launched IWR6843 Antenna on Package (AoP) Chipset. The product is ideal for applications such as robotics, industrial safe zone & free space monitoring, fluid level monitoring, people counting, occupancy detection, building automation, security, parking management and traffic management.

“Mistral’s 60GHz Radar on Module will be a benchmark in Industrial Radars, not only in terms of its footprint, but also offering tremendous functional & performance capabilities.” said Srinivas Panapakam, VP – PES Sales & Business development, Mistral Solutions. “The RoM is capable of transforming various industrial applications such as factory automation, building automation, material management, surveillance & traffic monitoring” he added.


Mistral has worked with Texas Instruments on the mmWave Radar along with sensor fusion and in developing reference designs for IWR6843 AoP Chipset.

Features of the new 60GHz Radar on Module

  • Fully-integrated module based on AoP technology
  • Small footprint 60GHz Radar on Module
  • Low Power & Self calibrating
  • Host interface: UART over USB
  • Delivers processed point cloud radar data
  • Heat sink that facilitates mounting
  • SDK 2.1 from Texas Instruments with Demo applications
  • Dimension: 23mm x 22 mm

For more information on the product, click here.

Area Scanner Safety Guard Reference Design


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