Power Connectors with Reliable Performance in Harsh Applications


Harwin’s 10A, 3mm pitch high-reliability connectors deal with both uncompromising operational environments & acute space constraints

Harwin’s M300 series is a 3.00mm pitch high-reliability, high-performance connector range suited to aerospace, defense, industrial and other harsh environment applications. It provides a choice of 3, 6 or 10 contact board-to-board, cable-to-board and cable-to-cable options for applications requiring up to 10A in a confined space. These units can be accompanied by a variety of cable assembly options (with lengths from 150mm to 450mm supplied).

10A, 3mm pitch High-Reliability Connectors

Thanks to the patented 4-finger contact design employed, which relies on a Beryllium Copper alloy construction, connection integrity is always maintained – even when these connectors are subjected to high degrees of shock, vibration, or other forms of mechanical stress, said Harwin.


“With available board real estate often at a premium, engineers need access to high-performance technology that can be implemented within extremely confined spaces,” states Giorgio Potenza, Strategic Market Manager for Avionics, Defense & Space, at Harwin.

“Through our M300 connector products, power can be delivered while simultaneously keeping overall component size and weight low, with the accompanying cable assemblies adding an extra dimension of convenience,” adds Potenza.

A combination of stainless steel jackscrews ensure secure mating. Consequently, the connectors have a mating cycle durability of 1000 mates/un-mates. A series of polarization mechanisms are also incorporated to prevent mis-mating occurring, plus the recessed ‘scoop-proof’ female contacts and shrouded housing arrangement for the male contacts help protect them from sources of potential damage. Furthermore, a back potted rear aids cable retention.

The products are halogen-free and RoHS compliant. An extensive working temperature range is supported (spanning from -65°C to 175°C) and low outgassing properties are of major benefit if these connectors are deployed within a vacuum.

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  • Aerospace, Defense & Security – Radar, avionics controls, guidance systems, UAVs, engine power management, vehicle electronics
  • Motorsport & Transport – Navigation, ERS controls, GPS and telemetry system
  • Space – Satellites & CubeSats, communications, launch systems, radar and communications
  • Industrial – Robotics, automation, drives & controls
  • Energy – Oil & Gas, renewable energy equipment

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