Reference design for Laser Drive Applications

laser drive

This recently released reference design will help engineers who are designing with higher channel counts in fixed form factors in laser-drive applications

Laser-diode applications generally require a precisely controlled current to regulate the output power. It is advantageous for this current to be adjustable as output power can change over temperature. For this reason, a DAC can be used to dynamically update the forward current. In addition, a low-noise source is desired to reduce the intensity noise (instability in the output power) of a laser output.

DAC combines small size and high performance for laser drive applications

This reference design combines the small size and high performance of the newly unveiled DAC80508 8-channel, 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with precision op-amps to create a high-density and accurate current-source solution.


The design has a maximum output current of 200 mA and allows for a minimal PVDD supply voltage to reduce power consumption for high efficiency. It also features a low current-noise output due to the low reference-voltage noise of the DAC80508 and low voltage and current noise of the OPA2376.


  • Eight channels of programmable current, 200-mA range
  • High channel density
  • <1.5% total unadjusted error
  • <120-µA offset error
  • 3.4-µA RMS bandwidth-limited current noise


  • Laser Drive in Optical Modules
  • Tunable Laser Optical Modules

Click here for the reference design. More details can be found on blog.

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