Free GUI Tool for Programmers of IoT, Embedded and Wearable Devices

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Think Silicon’s free graphical user interface (GUI) development tool simplifies design of high quality, seamless and interactive GUIs within minutes

Think Silicon has unveiled the first free version of NEMA|GUI-Builder to speed the creation of high-quality GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for embedded, Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices.

The company noted that the tool enables rapid high-end GUI development on low resource hardware in a fraction of time. Programmers for any small-display embedded, IoT or wearable devices can use the free tool to create smooth and seamless graphics and animation experiences tailored for fast, responsive (touch) screen applications.

Create Impressive GUIs in a fraction of time


NEMA |GUI-Builder offers programmers and designers the ability to significantly reduce the time of the GUI development by simply enabling drag-n-drop common control and input elements (e.g. buttons, icons, sliders, containers etc.) on the GUI surface benefited by a large set of library Widgets.

According to the announcement, the tool automatically produces power and performance optimized C code, with a small memory footprint by utilizing the 3D features of the NEMA |GPU-Series.

New features of NEMA |GUI-Builder include bilinear filtering, simulation window, C code generation, multiple image and color formats, antialiased fonts, and more.

“With the updated version of our free software tool, Think Silicon has the ease of use, speed and support for the programmer in mind. Designed for both amateur and professional developers, these essential tools help to simply design of high quality, seamless and interactive graphical user interfaces within minutes for embedded, IoT and wearable devices,” said Ulli Mueller, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development of Think Silicon.

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Designers can continue to use their favorite design tools such as Adobe Photoshop by exporting the created files to PNG or SVG file-formats and importing them into NEMA |GUI-Builder.

Additional features for professional developers are available upon request. Supported platforms include Linux/X11, Microsoft Windows (available soon) and macOS (available soon).

To obtain the free non-commercial NEMA |GUI-Builder software and more information, click here.



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