32-bit MCUs Groomed for Next-gen Smart Objects

stm32 mcu

New series of STM32 microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics enable advanced innovations for even smaller, more capable, and power-efficient smart objects

STMicroelectronics has added the new STM32G0 microcontrollers (MCUs) to the STM32 family. The new G0 series targets entry-level applications that require greater energy efficiency, functionality, security, and value, in a smaller footprint.

The STM32G0 series is based on the Arm Cortex-M0+ core with 16 to 512Kb Flash memory and 8 to 100 pin packages to satisfy a variety of applications and segments. Typical examples include smartphones, smart kitchen equipment and appliances, air conditioning, consumer or industrial motor controls, advanced user interfaces, IoT devices, rechargeable connected devices, drones, lighting systems, and more.

New STM32 MCUs kickstart design innovations


The new MCUs make large memory densities available in small and economical low-pin-count packages. On top of this, they are said to feature power-saving innovations that trim consumption close to that of specialized ultra-low-power devices.

ST claimed that the STM32G0 series is extremely efficient, running at less than 100µA/MHz in run mode, and provides multiple reduced-power operating modes to save energy and extend battery runtimes. Devices draw as little as 3-8µA in stop mode with the real-time clock (RTC) running, and just 500nA in standby with RTC (all at 3.0V, 25°C).

To provide robust security for today’s connected devices, the STM32G0 series introduces a variety of hardware-based features including memory protection to support secure boot. Some devices in the series has, in addition to these features, an AES-256 hardware cryptographic accelerator with a true random number generator (TRNG) to aid encryption.

High-speed USB Fault Protector For Industrial Equipment

Another valuable feature that anticipates a growing need is support for the latest USB Type-C specifications that allow easy, high-speed connectivity and battery charging, including Power Delivery version 3.0.

Moreover, peripherals are upgraded to enhance performance, speed, and accuracy. The devices feature a 12-bit 2.5MSPS ADC with hardware oversampling for 16-bit precision. There is also a 2-channel DAC, fast comparators, and high-accuracy timers with 7.8ns resolution.

Enhanced internal prevention of electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) is yet another feature that saves board space and BoM costs. Protection against fast-transient bursts above 4.5kV, in accordance with IEC 61000-4-4, relaxes the demands for surrounding filtering components and eases board layout. For product-development teams, the ability to easily ensure good electromagnetic behavior facilitates EMC certifications for faster time to market, according to ST.


ST is planning several STM32G0 lines, including the STM32G071 and similar STM32G081 with hardware cryptographic enhancement. There are also Value Line STM32G070 devices for mass-market applications. Pricing starts from $0.69 for the STM32G070CBT6 Value Line MCU in a 48-pin package, with 128KByte Flash, for orders of 10,000 pieces.




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