Make a Smart Glass Driver to Reduce Glare when Driving


Would you like to regulate the amount of sunlight and glare entering a car? Here is a reference design of a SPD-SmartGlass driver for instant and precise control of the level of light coming into the vehicle.

SPD-SmartGlass is electrically tintable glass that works by aligning nanoparticles in a film within glass, plastic, acrylic, or chemically strengthened glass. This glazing can be used to block out heat, sunlight, glare, UV and noise. allows for instant and precise control of the level of light coming into the vehicle, by varying the amplitude of the voltage applied. To drive this dynamic glass a high voltage AC signal is needed to rapidly orient the light-blocking nanoparticles. This design creates the required high voltage AC signal from a typical automotive battery, while using a microcontroller to adjust driving frequency and amplitude to desired levels.

Automotive SPD-SmartGlass driver reference design

This reference design details how to drive various forms of electronically dimmable glass, including SPD-SmartGlass and APD Glass from a car battery. This illustrates how to make a DC/AC inverter using the LM5155-Q1 boost converter with a charge pump, two UCC27712-Q1 half-bridge drivers, and a TMS320F2807 microcontroller for PWM creation and system monitoring.


  • 120 Vrms AC output
  • 100mA driving capability
  • Controllable output amplitude for intermediate levels of glass dimming
  • This circuit design is tested and includes gerbers, schematics, and BOM



DC/AC Inverter

More details on the reference design can be found here. Watch the video to learn more. 

For more details on SPD SmartGlass, click here.


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