Microminiature Wire-to-Board Connectors for Harsh Weather Conditions


Molex’s 1.00mm pitch wire-to-board Pico-Clasp connectors range in circuit size options, from 2 to 50 in single- and dual-row configurations.

To meet unique challenges of the most demanding applications such as industrial and automotive, Molex has launched a connector for harsh weather conditions. The set of 1.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors offer a multiple mating styles and orientations.



Molex Pico-Clasp Wire-to-Board Connectors are suitable for customers in the consumer, industrial, automotive, and medical industries.

Key specifications of Pico-Clasp connectors

  • The connectors range in circuit size options, from 2 to 50, in single- and dual-row configurations.
  • Plated in either tin or gold to meet flexible design specifics, these connectors also provides security of staying intact in harsh weather conditions.
  • These Connectors have an outer positive lock combined with both an inner friction lock and a positive inner lock that prevents wire tangling and latch breakage.
  • The 1.00mm pitch positive lock Wire-to-Board crimp system offers a 1.0A current rating.

    “In addition to the product enhancements, the Pico-Clasp Connectors are customizable,” said Aya Sanoki, Global Product Manager, Molex. “Assemblies specific to our customers’ needs can be produced. Our extensive design and manufacturing expertise can meet the unique challenges of the most demanding applications.”

Company claims- As compared to similar available products, the Pico-Clasp Wire-to-Board Connectors offer more available circuits; generally smaller mated width, height, and length; and both friction and positive locks.

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