RISC-V Foundation, Linux Foundation Come Together to Promote Open-source Chips

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The RISC-V Foundation and the Linux Foundation have teamed up to accelerate open-source development and adoption of the RISC-V ISA.

To further promote the adoption of the open source RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), the RISC-V Foundation has teamed up with The Linux Foundation. This partnership will enable the RISC-V Foundation to leverage the Linux Foundation’s tools infrastructure, services and training programs and grow its open-source ecosystem.

RISC-V Foundation is a non-profit corporation controlled by its members to drive the adoption and implementation of the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). The Linux Foundation is the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source.

Joint Collaboration To Enable A New Era Of Open Architecture


The RISC-V Foundation includes over 210 institutional, academic and individual members from around the world and has realized 100 percent year-over-year membership growth.

Rick O’Connor, executive director of the non-profit RISC-V Foundation, said: “This joint collaboration with the Linux Foundation will enable the RISC-V Foundation to offer more robust support and educational tools for the active RISC-V community, and enable operating systems, hardware implementations and development tools to scale faster.”

RISC-V has great traction in a number of markets with applications for AI, machine learning, IoT, augmented reality, cloud, data centers, semiconductors, networking and more. RISC-V is a technology that has the potential to greatly advance open hardware architecture, the announcement noted.

The Linux Foundation and the RISC-V communities are already collaborating on a pair of “Getting Started” guides for running the Zephyr, a small, scalable open source RTOS for connected, resource constrained devices, and Linux operating systems on RISC-V based platforms.

Open Source IMU Development Kit For Drones, Robots and AVs

The Zephyr and Linux guides are planned to be unveiled at the RISC-V Summit on Dec. 3, 2018, in Santa Clara during training classes led by project contributors from RISC-V Foundation Founding Platinum Members Antmicro, Google, Microchip Technology and Western Digital, in addition to the Linux Foundation. For further information regarding the RISC-V Summit, click here.

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