Motion control with a Small, Low-cost Magnetic Encoder


With the AKS17, BOGEN offers a cost-efficient absolute magnetic measurement solution for industrial applications 

Whether it is positioning, motion control or monitoring within the automation system – the basis for automation technology is always a highly accurate and reliable measuring technology. It is used to control the rotary speed of motors, to determine the position of axes, to position linear stages, or to control robots. BOGEN Electronic GmbH offers a new magnetic measuring solution for these applications.

With the new AKS17 magnetic encoder, linear absolute measurement applications can be implemented from 100 mm up to 3 m in length with a resolution < 1 µm. For rotary applications, diameter from 100 mm up to 1 m in diameter lead to a resolution of up to 24 bits, according to the company.


The benefit of the product’s high resolution allows the use of magnetic encoders, where optical solutions are expensive to implement. At the same time, there is a lot of design freedom in the scales as the pattern can be adapted to different segment requirements.

“With this variability, the AKS17 and its corresponding scales can be used in nearly any automation application where absolute measurement is necessary”, the company said.

Key features of the new absolute magnetic encoder for Automation

The AKS17 measures 28 mm x 16 mm and height of either 3.4 mm or 6.6 mm.

The AKS17 provides BISS-C or SSI as an output as well as an incremental quadrature signal. This allows to start with an incremental measurement and after an update of the control system the use of absolute information without a change in encoders. Or the system can use the absolute information at startup and provide an incremental signal during operation.

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For just incremental measurement BOGEN offers the encoder IKS9. The IKS9 impresses with a system accuracy better than 8 µm and a resolution down to 20 nm.

Digital quadrature signals can be supplied, the sister product IKS15 provides an analog output signal. Due to easy configuration of numerous parameters the IKS9 can be adjusted to many customer-specific requirements.

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