Blockchain Security Starter kit Protects Digital Transactions

blockchain security

Infineon’s new Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit provides a quick and simple way to build hardware-based security into systems.

Digital transactions require secured as well as user-friendly solutions. This especially applies to Blockchain applications where the user credentials are one of the most critical security aspects of the system. With its new Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit, Infineon is offering FinTechs and blockchain designers a fast and easy way to build hardware-based security into their systems.

“The success of the blockchain system hinges on securing user interaction with the distributed database,” said Stefan Rueping, Senior Principal Security Chip Architecture at Infineon Technologies. “Infineon’s Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit allows to quickly develop convenient access solutions based on security tokens or embedded security chips that significantly increase security level and trust. Both are fundamental for successful adoption of blockchain based services.”

What’s included in the kit


The starter kit contains five NFC smart cards based on Infineon’s security controller with blockchain crypto features for several blockchains. Additionally, an open source android app for Ethereum and Smart contract examples is provided.

The NFC smart cards help blockchain system designers to easily integrate hardware-based security and quickly develop first prototypes of the blockchain application. The security tokens – whether smart cards, dongles or solutions for mobile devices – allow users to securely generate their unique public and private key pairs, authenticate with PIN and sign their data and digital transactions. All the user credentials can be stored in the security controller and hence be protected from remote attacks on software or the micro-architecture and especially from physical attacks in case the token is stolen or lost, Infineon explained.

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Customer benefits

  • Starter kit for fast and easy design of blockchain applications
  • Low effort to integrate security (protection of credentials in particular)
  • Generic tool supporting many different kinds of blockchain technologies

Infineon presents its new Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit at TRUSTECH, the leading event for digital transactions, that takes place in Cannes, 27-29 November.

In addition, Infineon and Xain will also collaborate on using the AURIX microcontroller with integrated Hardware Security Module to enable blockchain applications in the car.


The Infineon’s Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit will be available in Q1 2019.



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