Super-slim Proximity/Color Sensor Fits Bezel-less Smartphones

slimmest proximity sensor

ams is mitigating the worries of smartphone designers with a new 1.44mm-wide integrated color/ambient light/proximity sensor module that fits the trend of today’s bezel-less smartphones

ams has unveiled a 1.44mm-wide fully integrated color/ambient light/proximity sensor module which has the super-slim package footprint required by the latest narrow-bezel mobile phone industrial designs. ams said the module will enable manufacturers to better optimize automatic disabling of smartphone touchscreens during calls and the adjustment of screen brightness to ambient conditions for more comfortable and lower-energy smartphone use.

“The TMD3702 helps phone designers minimize the space allocated to front-side ambient light and proximity sensing by providing them with a solution that is >60% smaller than the previous generation of products”, ams claimed.


“Today’s smartphone industrial design trend of maximizing a display screen size by increasing its screen-to-body ratio and minimizing the bezel area calls for the smallest module solution. The TMD3702VC with its ultra-small form factor facilitates this need, helping to almost eliminate the bezel on the display’s face,” said Dave Moon, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ams.

Slim proximity/color sensor module for Smartphones

While earlier modules have a wider footprint, ams’s new TMD3702VC three-in-one integrated module is supplied in a 1.44mm x 2.84mm x 0.65mm package. This will allow smartphone manufacturers to implement designs that have a thinner bezel, to give a greater ratio of display area to body size, while retaining important infrared proximity and light-sensing functions, according to the company.

The module integrates an IR emitter, IR detector, four color-sensing channels and optical filters. It also features sophisticated new optical packaging technology and design techniques to produce class-leading performance.

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ams reckoned that the proximity sensor’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Class 1 Eye Safe 940nm emitter is more optically efficient than the LED emitters found in competing devices. This keeps average Active mode power consumption of the 1.8V TMD3702VC to very low levels. In Sleep mode, the device draws just 0.7µA.

A new translucent mold-compound package used in the TMD3702VC provides a very wide ±48° field of view. The proximity engine features wide dynamic range, ambient light subtraction, and advanced optical crosstalk noise cancellation which dynamically eliminates both electrical and optical crosstalk producing reliable proximity detection.

The advanced optical sensor architecture of the TMD3702VC is attributed for the device’s accurate measurement of the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of ambient light.

The ambient light and color sensing function includes four concurrent ambient light sensing channels – red, green, blue and clear – which all have a UV/IR blocking filter. Sensitivity, power consumption and noise are optimized with adjustable timing and power. The module accurately measures ambient light and enables the calculation of illuminance and color temperature values which support a smartphone’s management of its display’s appearance.


The TMD3702VC is available for sampling now. Unit pricing is $1.15 in order quantities of 1,000 units. For more technical information and to request samples or an evaluation board, go to

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