Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker by Schneider Electric


Masterpact MTZ power circuit breaker have Bluetooth and NFC capabilities with companion smart phone app allowing maintenance staff to operate it outside of the arc flash zone

Today electrical industry is facing challenges to meet stringent regulations, tighter sustainability goals, increased safety requirements, and the need for more reliability and flexibility. And to address these needs, Schneider Electric has launched next generation Square D brand Masterpact MTZ low voltage power circuit breaker.

Best-in-class in system Uptime and efficiency


Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker provides power system uptime and energy efficiency with its onboard Ethernet communications and Class 1 (≤1% error) active power metering accuracy built into every circuit breaker.

Wireless remote control

Allows wireless remote control of the circuit breaker via Bluetooth LE. No need of maintenance staff during operation.

IoT Enhanced Digital Capabilities

The Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker is a part of Schneider Electric’s comprehensive EcoStruxure Power Platform and have all new IoT enhanced digital capabilities

  • Wireless communication
  • Customizable/downloadable applications
  • Integrated analytics
  • Advanced metering and sensing technologies to address evolving industry challenges
  • With the introduction of digital modules, the circuit breaker can be customized for the application and modified at any time in the future without de-energizing

Additional benefits of the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker include:

  • Downloadable digital modules can be installed without downtime for maximized flexibility and operational efficiency
  • Along with Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) is included allowing your smart phone to monitor the circuit breaker’s condition even in a power outage
  • Event notifications and overload prevention are optimized with real-time monitoring and alarm capabilities both for Ethernet monitored systems and on mobile devices
  • Seamless integration of Masterpact MTZ into Square D branded power equipment such as switchgear, switchboards, and motor control centers using the newly designed embedded Ethernet connection
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From installation, operation, maintenance, and digital upgrades, Masterpact MTZ provides an advanced level of power circuit protection and control to large and critical power distribution applications.

“The new Masterpact MTZ is a game changer,” says Duke Dunsford, USA Marketing Launch Manager for Masterpact MTZ. “The Masterpact MTZ connectivity and digital capabilities seamlessly integrate into our EcoStruxure Power architecture, delivering significant benefits for end users, specifiers, panel builders and contractors who can better serve their customers’ needs with this new capability.” He continued, “With the standard Bluetooth wireless capability on every breaker, the phone in your pocket now becomes a powerful tool in the operation of this new platform.”

“Masterpact MTZ is loaded with practical, usable features that take low voltage power circuit protection and control to a new level,” says Mr. Dunsford. “In case of a power outage, users can simply utilize their smartphone’s wireless connection to diagnose the issue and minimize downtime. Another unique feature includes capturing waveform data during tripping events and can be accessed even without power. The smartphone app also can provide a root cause explanation and step-by-step breaker reclosing instructions to re-energize your system. This can save critical time for customers looking for details during an outage.”

For more information on Masterpact MTZ click here.



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