LG Innotek’s Thermoelectric Modules Now in Mass production


Compact thermoelectric module for table refrigerator comes with minimized noise, vibration, and improved cooling. For application in wearables, vehicles, ships.

LG Innotek announced the successful mass production of thermoelectric module for table refrigerator. This thermoelectric module is made by using LG’s own proprietary technology.


The recently launched “LG Objet” refrigerator was installed with the thermoelectric module. “LG Objet” refrigerator has 40 liters capacity, convergence of a refrigerator and furniture like small table.

With the launch of thermoelectric module for table refrigerator, conventional compressor cooling system has been replaced. This module consist of a thermoelectric device, heat sink and also a cooling fan.

The “thermoelectric module for table refrigerator” is as small enough as an adult palm. The module is composed of a thermoelectric device, heat sink, and cooling fan. But the size of thermoelectric device, which is a key component in the module, is only 55 mm by 55mm and 4.5 mm thick, contributing to reduce the size of the module.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Module based on LG’s technology which perform the cooling and heating functions in sole device and can generate electricity from temperature gradient existence
  • Produces very small level of noise and vibration because it does not use a compressor and a refrigerant
  • Cooling performance is improved compared to existing modules.
  • This device lower the refrigerating temperature by minimum to 3 degrees Celsius compared to other small refrigerators with cooling performance of minimum 8 degrees Celsius
  • The temperature can be precisely controlled at every 1 degree Celsius, leading to store the product with its own purpose

Based on LG’s innovative technology, when electricity is supplied to a thermoelectric device, one side of the device becomes hot and the other side becomes cold rapidly. The cooled air, where is supplied from cold side of thermoelectric device, is circulating in refrigerator. On the other hand, the heat is dissipated to the heat sink as well the cooling fan and released to the outside, which keeps the temperature of the refrigerator constant.

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Future Applications

LG Innotek will utilize its proprietary thermoelectric device and module technology to expand its application areas not only in household appliances but also in

  • Wearables
  • Vehicles
  • Ships
  • Communication equipment

Il-gun Kwon, CTO of LG Innotek, said, “Thermoelectric semiconductor is an innovative technology that can make our life eco-friendly and convenient.” He also said, “We will continuously enhance our technology and cooperate with experts from various fields to broaden its application range rapidly.”



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