New NanEye Image Sensors for Variant Endoscopy Applications


Chip-on-tip endoscopes based on ams’s new NanEye image sensor offer much higher image quality than conventional optical fibre-based endoscopes which are widely used in operation theatres

ams announces pre-release of NanEyeM and NanEyeXS Micro Camera Modules for medical imaging applications and minimally invasive surgery


ams introduced new modules in its NanEye family. NanEyeM and NanEyeXS are miniature image sensor Micro Camera Modules for medical imaging applications and minimally invasive surgery

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides high-resolution 100 kpixel readout over an LVDS digital interface at a maximum rate of 49 frames/s at 62MHz
  • NanEyeM supplied as a Micro Camera Module (MCM) including cable up to 2m long, features a custom multi-element lens which improves the effective resolution of the sensor and reduces distortion
  • Offer improved MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) of >50% in the corners, lower distortion of <15%
  • Lower color aberration of <1Px as compared to earlier NanEye 2D sensor
  • Small image sensor with 0.46 mm square footprint
  • Produces digital output in 40kpixel resolution at a maximum rate of 55 frames/s at 28MHz
  • Can be used to develop ultra-small instruments for minimally invasive procedures, enabling the design of surgical devices with a very small diameter
  • Also available in surface-mount chip form

The NanEyeXS can also be supplied as an MCM just like NanEyeM. The introduction of the new NanEye image sensors promises to enable a new approach to the supply and use of many types of endoscopes for applications including:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Neuroscopy

In volume, endoscopes based on the new NanEye sensors will have a low enough unit cost to support the emerging single-use market. This has numerous benefits, including eliminating the risk of cross-contamination resulting from ineffective sterilization, avoiding high maintenance costs, and minimizing the risk of disruption of operating theater schedules when re-usable endoscopes are unavailable for use.

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The NanEye image sensors produce sharper pictures, better contrast and a smoother video output to enable practitioners to more accurately and precisely guide surgical equipment inside the patient’s body.

“Medical endoscopy is a rapidly growing market and the demand for single-use devices is expected to increase, creating a clear need for cost-effective imaging solutions that offer a level of performance and image quality equal to that seen in reusable endoscopes. The NanEyeM and NanEyeXS modules were designed to meet this market need by offering a full package approach with exceptional imaging capabilities while retaining a cost competitive edge in high volumes for single-use endoscopes and catheter-based applications,” said Dina Aguiar, marketing manager for the NanEye products at ams. “These new additions to the NanEye family will complement the award winning NanEye 2D, which pioneered the technological evolution of medical endoscopy. ams thus reinforces its position in the rapidly growing market for disposable endoscopy with unique products that will help further revolutionize patient care.”

The NanEyeXS and NanEyeM image sensors will be available for sampling in January 2019.

For more information about the product click here.



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