Dialog Semiconductor Launches Nanopower PMICs for IoT Applications


Fully-integrated Nanopower PMICs maximize battery and minimize board area, offering system designers with a compact, powerful solution to design IoT devices

Always-on IoT devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches and smart home products are expected to long battery life, but expanding feature sets present new challenges to battery life. Along with board area, new power management solutions are also significant for engineers while designing the product. To satisfy these needs, Dialog Semiconductor unveiled fully-integrated nanopower PMICs for IoT applications, the DA9070 and DA9073. The new PMICs build on the success of Dialog’s first nanopower offerings.

Features and Benefits

  • The PMICs extend battery life by drawing < 1uA quiescent current for each of its step-down regulators that power always-on components within the system
  • Combine all key power management functions to reduce board area by 25 percent compared to discrete regulators
  • Developers also have the option of creating a battery fuel gauge solution with the DA9070, using the integrated voltage and current monitors.
  • New nanopower PMICs provide system designers an all-in-one power management solution rather than integrating handful of functions
  • Extends battery life for IoT devices, and minimizes valuable board area for developers

“As consumer demands continue to push design boundaries, system designers are now faced with a complex challenge of extending battery life even further while adding new feature sets, all in a small form factor,” said Udo Kratz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Systems Business Group at Dialog. “Dialog’s first fully-integrated nanopower PMICs build on our expertise in power management and IoT connectivity to arm engineers with a compact, powerful solution that solves these challenges while reducing overall form factor of the system for wearables and other IoT devices.”

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Company Profile

Dialog Semiconductor is a leading provider of integrated circuits (ICs) that power mobile devices and the Internet of Things. From making smartphones more power efficient and shortening charging times, enabling home appliances to be controlled from anywhere, to connecting the next generation of wearable devices, Dialog Semiconductor offer all services.

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