Full-Bridge 600V/3.5A System-in-Package from STMicroelectronics Delivers Space Savings with Flexibility and Safety


ST’s full-bridge system-in-package includes MOSFETs, gate drivers, and protection features to save space, simplify design, and streamline assembly

STMicroelectronics launched PWD5F60, second in a new series of power-driver systems-in-package which addresses high-voltage brushed DC and single-phase brushless motor applications.


PWD5F60 integrates a 600V/3.5A single-phase MOSFET bridge with gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, protection features, and two comparators in a 15mm x 7mm outline. This power-driver system-in-package is thermally efficient and occupies 60% less board real-estate than discrete components, while boosting reliability and simplifying design and assembly. This module delivers space savings with flexibility and safety

Important features of PWD5F60 to save space, simplify design, and streamline assembly:

  • Have 1.38Ω on-resistance, the PWD5F60’s integrated N-channel MOSFETs ensure high efficiency for handling medium-power loads.
  • The gate drivers are optimized for reliable switching and low EMI
  • The integrated bootstrap diodes enable high-voltage startup with no need for external diodes and passive components to supply the high-side inputs.
  • Two embedded uncommitted comparators allows easy implementation of peak current control or over-current and over-temperature protection features
  • Have option to configure the MOSFETs as a single full bridge or two half bridges
  • Easy interfacing with microcontrollers, DSP units or Hall effect sensors
  • Maximum protection: Integrated cross-conduction and under-voltage lock-out protections


The PWD5F60 is tailored for driving brushed DC motors in applications such as :

  • Industrial pumps and fans
  • Blowers
  • Domestic appliances
  • Factory-automation systems

It is particularly targeted at the appliances using single-phase brushless motors that guarantee high durability and efficiency at a reasonable cost. It is also cost-effective and convenient for use in power supply units.

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Production of PWD5F60 has been started and is available now, packaged as a multi-island VFQFPN device, from $2.15 for orders of 1000 pieces.

The device will be showcased in the ST booth at Electronica 2018 (November 13-16).

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