RECOM Releases AC/DC PSU Book of Knowledge


Power supply firm RECOM has released a book on AC/DC power supplies, as a companion volume to the DC/DC Book of Knowledge, that can be downloaded free

Steve Roberts, Technical Director at RECOM publishes his brand new AC/DC Book of Knowledge.


RECOM´s AC/DC Books of Knowledge are a detailed introduction to the various converter topologies, feedback loops (analogue and digital), test and measurement, protection, filtering, safety, reliability, constant current drivers and applications. The level is necessarily technical, but readable for engineers, designers and students.

Although RECOM is a renowned manufacturer of DC/DC converters, their portfolio also covers a wide range of AC/DC products from 1W up to 960W. While knowledge accumulated in the development of these AC/DC products is sometimes similar to that of DC/DC products, it can often be quite different.

The new AC/DC book has technical chapters covering:

  • Linear AC/DC Supplies
  • Apparent, Reactive and Active Power
  • AC Theory
  • Active Component
  • Passive Component
  • PFC Techniques
  • AC/DC Converter Topologies
  • Transformerless AC Power supplies
  • Wireless power
  • Low Standby Power Consumption Techniques
  • Measuring AC

These topics have been chosen so that they do not overlap with the chapters in the DC/DC book so that both books reinforce each other rather than being repetitive.

The companion AC/DC Book of Knowledge will also be offered as a free PDF download from the RECOM website.

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The new standalone RECOM AC/DC Book of Knowledge will be released as a companion volume to the DC/DC Book of Knowledge. The author of both volumes, Steve Roberts, states, “the DC/DC Book of Knowledge has been so well received in the industrial and educational communities that I felt obliged to write a companion AC/DC book. The two books together now cover many of the fundamental topics of power supply development.”

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About RECOM Power

RECOM is a global manufacturer and distributor of DC/DC and AC/DC converters, switching regulators and LED drivers.



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