Polymer Hybrid Capacitors Improve Hybrid/Electric Powertrains


Panasonic expands its Conductive Polymer Hybrid Capacitor portfolio with higher capacitance and ripple current ratings for automotive powertrain applications

Panasonic has expanded its Conductive Polymer Hybrid Capacitors portfolio with the addition of a sixth series. The new ZS-Series not only expands the capacitance range and doubles ripple current capability, but it is also rated at 4,000 hours endurance at 125°C.

The ZS Series Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are optimal for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) that are undergoing increased adoption with the growing demand for eco-friendly cars, energy efficiency, and the need to comply with environmental regulations.

Key features & benefits of the ZS Series


Panasonic says that the ZS Series brings new case sizes, keeping the same footprint (ø10mm) and the first tranche of the launch introduces hybrid capacitors that are 16mm in length.

Developed with the automotive sector in mind, the ZS-Series covers the range from 25V to 63V, with a capacitance range covering 560uF, an even lower ESR down to 11mΩ with ripple current of 4 Arms.

As well as saving space, the lower ESR and higher ripple enhance filter and DC-link circuits in automotive control and powertrain applications, according to the company.

The new series can also act as effective replacements for the difficult to source and soon-to-be-phased out larger MLCCs, offering a reliable and proven alternate vis-à-vis lytics in tighter spaces or tantalums in higher frequency circuits.

All the ZS Series products are fully RoHS and REACH compliant and also AECQ-200 compliant.

Shahrokh Kananizadeh, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic comments: “The ZS in effect can be seen as delivering higher performance keeping the premium PCB real estate in check with a few millimeters leeway in height. At the 63V line levels, 150uF might well be the highest capacitance in this class right now, and there is already strong interest due to the 48V battery system load dump requirements”.

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For further information on the Panasonic Hybrid Polymer Electrolytic portfolio including new Series additions, click here.




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