Research Technology Company Deploys Honeywell Air Pressure Sensors


TruStability sensors a perfect fit for SSL’s applications, will be deployed by a Surrey firm in precision measurement systems for sectors including aerospace and Formula 1

Surrey Sensors Ltd is using Honeywell’s TruStability RSC Series and HSC Series Digital Board Mount Pressure Sensors to help test a range of innovative technologies.


TruStability is a series of board-mounted pressure sensors designed to measure low airflow with high accuracy. They offer enhanced reliability to minimize system downtime and also help shorten design cycles by simplifying the deployment process. These sensors are used for integration into high-precision measurement systems that are used in a variety of sectors including aerospace and Formula 1.

The sensors, for example, are used in SSL’s Digital Seven-Hole Probe, that uses pressure as a proxy to measure air velocity – speed and direction – for use in wind-tunnel testing, motor sport, and UAVs. Other SSL products that include Honeywell pressure sensors are a pressure sensor interface card, for pressure prototyping, validation, and acquisition systems, and a 64-channel modular pressure scanner for use in surface pressure measurement and process control.

“We needed small and accurate board mount pressure sensors. Competitor products we examined couldn’t come close,” said Dr David Birch, research director at SSL, which is a joint venture between the University of Surrey and a unnamed private company.

Surrey Sensors uses Honeywell for pressure“Several SSL testing solutions address specific measurement needs at ultra-low air pressures,” said Honeywell product manager Leslie Neill. “Working in this particular band of the pressure continuum requires high-precision sensors that must meet a set of performance factors that are generally difficult to achieve with the same sensor. They must be more accurate and sensitive to smaller pressure changes, stable, and have a high threshold of burst and over-pressures.”

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