SiFive Releases RISC-V Core for Real Time Applications


SiFive’s new high-performance RISC-V cores are designed for embedded devices and real-time applications.

With the aim to explore the commercial opportunities of RISC-V, SiFive has launched SiFive Core IP7 Series. It has an open architecture that can challenge Arm and Intel, claims company.


SiFive’s RISC-V based, 64-bit, quadcore real-time capable application processor supports full-featured operating systems Linux

The 7 Series includes the E7, S7 and the U7 series.

These high-performance RISC-V cores are designed for embedded devices and real-time applications.

The 7 series offer heterogeneous, customizable architecture with hard real-time capabilities and also provides 64-bit architectures for the embedded markets. SiFive Core IP U7 Series is Linux-capable applications processor with a highly configurable memory architecture for domain-specific customization.

The Series of IP7 enables the next generation of RISC-V cores that will power 5G, networking, storage, simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM), augmented reality, virtual reality, and sensor fusion functionality.

Key Features

  • The SiFive 7 Series provides scalable throughput with by 8+1 cores per cluster, 64-bit memory addressability for real-time processors, and in-cluster coherent combination of real-time processors and application processors.
  • The E7 Core IP Series comprises the 32-bit E76 and E76-MC and is complemented by 64-bit S76 and S76-MC.
  • The U74-MC provides 64-bit addressability for real-time, latency sensitive applications such as 5G baseband processing, enterprise class storage for FAST or BIG data and multi-mode sensor fusion for AR/VR/SLAM applications.
  • The 7 Series also includes enhanced determinism for hard, real-time constraints and functional safety provided through a combination of built-in fault tolerance mechanisms.
  • Especially designed on an 8-stage in-order pipeline which introduces microarchitectural, the 7 series prevents side channel attacks that enable a robust secure processor implementation.
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The core is can be better utilized to support smart offloads of datacenter and for extremely power-efficient edge devices, because of its efficient performance and optimized power consumption.

“We selected SiFive Core IP due to its best-in-class performance, as it was a third the power and a third the area of competing solutions,” said Fadu CEO Jihyo Lee in a statement. “As we target our next generation of advanced memory products, we look forward to seeing SiFive’s 7 Series Core IP bringing truly heterogeneous architectures, customizable 64-bit capability, and intelligence to the embedded space.”



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