ON Semiconductor Intros Mesh Networking and New Development Support for RSL10 Bluetooth 5 Radio


Adding Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) mesh networking standard and USB dongle enables customers to easily develop a broader range of applications

ON Semiconductor has enhanced RSL10 family of Bluetooth 5 certified radio System-on-Chip (SoCs) by including special interest group (SIG) mesh networking standard and USB dongle. Both these additions in the RSL10 enable customers to easily develop a broader range of applications.


Standardized Bluetooth mesh networking is now supported with the ON Semiconductor Mesh release, which enables many-to-many device communications. Device manufacturers can now deploy large-scale, low-power Bluetooth mesh networks for applications such as smart home, building automation and asset tracking.

Ket features of RSL10 with Mesh release and USB Dongle:

  • Consumes just 62.5 nanowatts (nW) in Deep Sleep mode and seven milliwatts (mW) peak receive power
  • RSL10 provides advanced wireless functionality without compromising battery life
  • RSL10 radio’s energy efficiency is validated by the EEMBC’s ULPMark
  • RSL10 USB Dongle eases the prototyping and testing of Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals for node-to-node and mesh connectivity
  • RSL10 USB Dongle enables developers to scan, connect, and wirelessly interact with their prototypes while monitoring and logging behavior


Samples and development hardware are available to order through ON Semiconductor authorized distributors.

“Since its release from the Bluetooth SIG, mesh networking has revolutionized IoT by enabling large-scale networks,” said Michel De Mey, Senior Director and General Manager of Hearing, Consumer Health, and Bluetooth Connectivity solutions at ON Semiconductor. By adding this support, alongside the best-in-class power consumption of RSL10, we will better enable IoT edge node applications that can benefit from the ubiquity and ease-of-use of Bluetooth Low Energy.”

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