Image Sensors Refine High-end Smartphone Cameras

image sensor

OmniVision’s new 24-MP image sensors are designed to enable high-end smartphone cameras with top image quality and advanced features

OmniVision announced the second generation of its 0.9um pixels used in 1/2.83-inch 24MP sensors, built on the PureCel Plus stacked die technology. The new OV24B sensors address the demands of the growing market trends by enabling front- and rear-facing multi-cameras with extremely high-resolution video and still capture, excellent autofocus and low-light performance, said the firm.

New 24 MP Image sensors for front- and rear-facing smartphone cameras

The OV24B sensor family is aimed to front- and rear-facing smartphone cameras and available in four versions:

  • OV24B1Q: 4-cell Bayer imaging; in-pixel binning for optimal sensitivity and low-light performance; and pad locations on the top and bottom of the chip to reduce module size in the x-direction, for front-facing cameras in thin-bezel infinity display phones.
  • OV24B2Q: 4-cell Bayer imaging; in-pixel binning; type-2, 2×2 microlens PDAF, for main cameras due to video and low-light performance
  • OV24B1B: monochrome imaging; improved low-light sensitivity; for rear-facing multi cameras for Bokeh and zoom
  • OV24B10: standard Bayer imaging; for main cameras due to high 24MP resolution, as a single camera or as part of a multi-camera arrangement for Bokeh and zoom

All four versions can output high-resolution streaming video in a variety of formats, including 24MP at 30 fps, 4-cell binning 6MP at 60fps, 4K2K video at 60fps, 1080p video at 120fps, or 720p video at 240fps.

“As sub-micron pixel technology continues to mature in tandem with evolving performance expectations, it is enabling extremely high-resolution imaging and multi-camera designs,  James Liu, product marketing manager at OmniVision. “The new OV24B sensor family, with its on-chip re-mosaic, 2×2 ML PDAF, and high-speed video capability, can address the demands of these growing market trends, enabling mobile cameras to provide the very best user experience for autofocus, low-light performance, and high-resolution video and still image capture.”

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The OV24B is in production now. Click here for more information.



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