TI Unveils Multiprotocol Gigabit TSN-Enabled Processors


TI’s new Sitara AM6x processors help designers create dependable and functional safety-certifiable products by reducing overall system complexity

Texas Instruments released a new family of multiprotocol gigabit (Gb) time-sensitive networking (TSN)-enabled processor Sitara AM6x. This new processor family provides industrial-grade reliability, with quad and dual Arm Cortex-A53 core variants. The products are especially designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of Industry 4.0 in factory automation, motor drives and grid infrastructure.


TI says that the Sitara AM6x processors are built for the convergence of both Ethernet and real-time data traffic on a single network, as it supports all the industrial protocols. This feature is very important for real-time communication in Industry 4.0 applications and it allows software-reconfigurable cyber physical systems in factories.

Incorporation of an on-chip isolated MCU subsytem helps designers use AM6x to create dependable and functional safety-certifiable products. And due to this incorporation over all system complexity is also reduced for applications including PLC and multi-axis motor drives.

Comprehensive support for error-correcting-code (ECC) memory protection for both on-chip memory and external DDR memory and for 100,000 power-on hours (PoH) at a 105˚C junction temperature (TJ) operation enable AM6x processors to perform in high-reliability applications.

This processor family allows developers to scale their designs to fit the needs of their system with pin-compatible processors that operate with a unified software platform.

Key features of AM6x processors

  • Optimized for industrial networking: New gigabit industrial communications subsystem (PRU-ICSS-Gb) supports multiple Industrial Ethernet protocols including TSN, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET and provides the flexibility to support the evolving needs of industrial communication.
  • Integrated features enabling functional safety: On-chip isolated dual-core Arm Cortex-R5F central processing unit (CPU)-based MCU subsystem that can operate in an optional lockstep mode, diagnostic libraries and ECC memory protection help enable functional safety subsystems.
  • Enhanced on-chip security: Secure boot, secure storage and smart crypto engines enable enhanced system security.
  • Integrated 3D graphics and display: Enables HMI and Industrial PC applications.
  • Unified software platform: Supported by the Processor SDK, customers can seamlessly reuse and migrate Android, Linux® and TI-RTOS software across TI processor families.
  • Simplifying system complexity: Integrated subsystems, streamlined power sequencing, integrated low-dropout regulators and pin-to-pin compatibility enable hardware reuse across platforms and reduce system complexity and cost.
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Availability and pricing

Available through the TI store. The AM65x industrial development kit (IDK) TMDX654IDKEVM) and AM65x evaluation module (EVM) (TMDX654GPEVM) are available for US$819 and US$898, respectively.

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