Renesas to Boost ROS Development by Enhancing RX65N MCUs


All the software used by Renesas to boost up robotics development support for upcoming ROS 2 communication will go open source

To deliver intelligent robotics system at the industrial endpoint, Renesas Electronics Corporation is advancing the development of robotics system by enhancing the features of 32-bit RX65N Series of microcontrollers (MCUs). This mcirocontroller will support DDS-XRCE (Data-Distribution Service for Extremely Resource Constrained Environments), which is one of the upcoming protocol standard for ROS 2 communication.


Renesas implemented an eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS client on an RX65N MCU. Renesas has used two RX65N MCU based boards. One board is used as a sensor which operates eyes and nose of the robot, and the second board as a actuator which operates hands and legs of the robots. Renesas has confirmed the successful control and communication of the robot using the devices with DDS-XRCE.

Sensors and actuators are used in robotics system endpoints for certain activities, such as safe guard, cleaning, reception, household robots, welfare and more. And the software which will control these sensors and actuators to perform all the activities is developed by Renesas’ DDS-XRCE framework.

Robot operating System (ROS) is an important framework which have all the libraries and tools, which further helps developers to do new innovations in the robotics community. And by expanding the ROS access to the embedded MCU, boost up the service robots development. The development of the ROS 2 addresses these needs.

“We are excited to see Renesas supporting DDS-XRCE, which extends ROS 2 to allow its use in embedded microcontrollers. Their work will provide additional momentum to expand the ROS community even further,” said Brian Gerkey, Chief Executive Officer, Open Robotics.

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“We are pleased that Renesas has selected eProsima as the primary DDS-XRCE solution. We are leading networking middleware experts, and collaboration with the leading MCU company accelerates deployment of ROS 2 into embedded microcontrollers,” Jaime Martin Losa, Chief Executive Officer, eProsima.

All software used in this demonstration will go open source soon and will be available for use.

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